In-home companion assistance dog (no public access)

An in-home companion assistance dog offers their human partner comfort and  companionship like an ESA but is trained to perform tasks that are useful to their partner in the home environment. These dogs can be trained to do many of the same tasks that a Service Dog can do. However, their work is done only in the home and they are NOT trained for public access like a service dog.

The requirements for training an in-home companion assistance dog differ greatly depending on the tasks the dog needs to perform. If you are interested in an in-home companion assistance dog, we would recommend that you set up a consultation with one of our certified instructors to discuss training, and your level of participation.

Please note: If you have a dog already and you think it has the potential to become an in-home companion assistance dog, one of our certified instructors would be happy to assess the dog’s potential. Not every dog has the qualities to handle the tasks required. We would also be happy to help match you with the right dog for the tasks


In-home evaluation


During each evaluation, a MuttSchool instructor will visit your home to observe your dog first hand. Together we will devise a training plan that meets your dog's training needs. At the end of your evaluation, you will have a plan and some exercises to immediately begin working on. Sign up now for an evaluation to put you on the road to a well-behaved dog.

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