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Want to continue to train your dog in a fun way?

Once you have started training, you may want to work on specific behaviors or FUN things to do with your dog. MuttSchool’s specialty group classes are offered as a deep dive into one training topic. If you are interested in any of our specialty classes, then let us know by signing up! We need a minimum of 4 people interested in class to book a class. You will be notified of a time and date and how to enroll as soon as we have enough people to hold your class. Most specialty classes are held on Saturday at the MuttSchool Training Center.

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Trick Training Group Class



Once you have a good foundation on your dog, you  may not want to stop there. Continue your dog's education by joining MuttSchool's trick dog class and earn titles from Do More With Your Dog and the American Kennel Club for your achievements.

Tricks are fun for both you and your dog, plus trick training also gives your dog necessary mental stimulation, helps increase bonding and responsiveness. You may also see a few undesirable behaviors disappear as we work on impulse control on a Klimb platform. Join us for this 8 week class and put together a routine that you and your dog can enjoy together.

Repeat this class as many times as you want as you continue working on your trick dog titles.

Prerequisite: Level 1, 2 and 3 group classes or permission from instructor

Scent Games Group Class


Dogs love to use their nose!  Join us for our SCENT GAMES group class. We'll start off teaching basic scent skills, then move on to the really important things....like finding your car keys. Class will include the basics of tracking. This is an excellent class for dogs that are "always into everything," scent hounds that follow their noses, and any dog who has basic foundation skills and wants to expand their training into scent work. Participants are asked to bring a 20 ft. leash, and have a harness for their dogs.

Prerequisite: Level 1, 2 and 3 group classes or permission from instructor

Reliable Recalls Group Class


One of our most popular classes! Many people struggle with getting their dog to come back to them. Teaching your dog to come to your should be top of your list of behaviors to train since it could save your dog in a life or death situation.

Recalls are a learned behavior. Just like anything else you teach your dog, it’s not hard to teach and it’s not hard to train, but you do have to put in the time and effort to make sure your dog has a Reliable Recall.

Prerequisite: Level 1, 2 and 3 group classes or permission from instructor

Introduction to dog sports


Do you have an interest in dog sports like agility, disc dog and treiball? This introductory class will just touch the basics of all 3 dog sports so you can decide which sport would be best for your dog. In addition we will spend time on targeting, floor work, send outs, recalls and directionals which will help your off leash control.

Prerequisite: Level 1, 2 and 3 group classes or permission from the instructor

“WALK WITH ME!” group class


Who is walking who? If you feel like this when you walk your dog, then you need this class. In this 8 week course, you and your dog will start out with learning how to prevent pulling and walk nicely on a loose leash. Our goal for the end of the course is that your dog is walking with you in a focused heel.

Prairie Disc Dog Play Dates


Join us for regular play dates to hang out, play frisbee and learn more about the sport of disc dog in and around Manhattan, KS!

We use our facebook group to let everyone know about scheduled play dates as well as to chat and share tips, photos and videos of dogs having fun with their frisbee throwing humans.

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