Let us train your dog

MuttSchool offers day training. We train your your dog for you.

No time to train your dog?

MuttSchool has several different options for people that are always on the go with very little time to train their dog:

With our day training program, you drop your dog off in the morning and pick your dog up in the evening. In between, Muttschool instructors follow your dog’s individualized training plan and do all the work!

We also offer board and train.  Similar to day training except your dog stays overnight at Wildcat Pet Resort. This is a very popular option if you just want to “quick start” your dog’s training while you are on vacation or want your dog professionally trained and returned to you. Contact Renee at Wildcat Pet Resort, 785-539-1515, for questions or to schedule board and train.

And finally, MuttSchool can train at your home while you are away! Enjoy the convenience of a dog training instructor coming to your house to train your dog. Some of a dog’s most challenging behaviors take place in the home, so why not let one of our instructors train your dog there? And to reduce your worry having someone in your home while you may not be there, MuttSchool instructors have a trusted reputation and we are insured and bonded.


Let MuttSchool take the stress out of training with our DAY TRAINING program. Your puppy or dog can learn while you are busy during the day. Just drop your dog off in the morning and our instructors will work from your dog’s individualized training plan. Allow MuttSchool’s instructors to give you the peace of mind that your dog is getting the right foundation training, manners and socialization while you go about your daily life.

This is not day care. Day training is a program specialized for your dog to address his/her current level of training and problem areas. We will do the hard work for you and put you on the perfect path to enjoy a well-mannered companion.

single day


During MuttSchool's day training, our professional instructors work with your dog based on your dog's individualized training plan. Dogs in day training also work on impulse control games and have enrichment time which could include concept training, use of our canine fitness studio, scent work, brain games and dog sport basics like agility and treibball.

half day maintenance


Do you want to brush up on your dog's foundation skills but just don't have time to be consistent with your training? Try our half-day maintenance program. Just drop off your dog when it's convenient for you (after 12:00 pm) and pick up before 6:00 pm. Maintenance is the same quality as our all day training in a smaller package. This is a great opportunity for our professional trainers to focus on one or two of your dog's weakest skills. Ask us for a training plan for specific behaviors like loose-leash walking, impulse control or recalls.

Prerequisites: This is for foundations maintenance only. Dogs with behavioral challenges need to be signed up for all day training. Please make sure your dog has completed level 2 group classes or a minimum of 10 days of all day training. For dog's that haven't trained with us previously, please request an evaluation ($90) at our facility before signing up for our maintenance program.

Board and Train
Single Day

Do you want a well-trained dog but just don’t have time to do the training? Let MuttSchool help. MuttSchool instructors will review your dog’s level of training, problem behaviors and talk to you about your expectations. We will develop a training plan with goals for your dog’s time in board and train.

We have partnered with Wildcat Pet Resort (next door to MuttSchool) to provide boarding for all of our board and train dogs. You will need to reserve your dog's boarding dates with them and they will happily schedule your dog for training with MuttSchool.

Discounts may apply depending on length of time scheduled for boarding.

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