Joelle Hopf Cuprak

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Joelle is originally from upstate NY. Her husband is in the army which is what brought them to Kansas. Back in New York, Joelle was an assistant college swim coach. She was pretty sure that’s what she was going to do with her life, then she met her husband and had to be flexible with her career.

Joelle has had furry companions from the day she was born. Working with animals never really occurred to her until she started volunteering at Lollipop Farm Humane Society in upstate New York. There she walked dogs for four hours a week and met many different dogs. Some were frightened, or overweight, or energetic, or sick. Volunteering at this wonderful organization made such an impact on her that she decided to further explore the world of dogs. She realized how much she loved working with animals.

When she and her husband moved to Oklahoma and the job search began, Joelle quickly found a position at a veterinary office as an Assistant Vet Tech. Here she assisted in surgeries, drew blood, nursed sick animals back to health, and handled all sorts of different species.  While the medical world wasn’t a great match, the knowledge she gained was invaluable. During her short stay in Oklahoma, she also gained Geronimo, a 3 month old puppy from a stray facility.  Joelle and her husband soon realized this pup had some behavioral issues and so began Joelle’s education in dog training.

Now residing in Kansas, Joelle contacted MuttSchool to help with Mo’s reactivity. HIs issues pushed Joelle to dive deeper into behavior training. Mo has turned out to be an amazing dog with Joelle’s dedication and perseverance. Working with Mo has lead her to discover her talent as a dog trainer. She continues to work with Mo and his reactivity, seeing progress every step of the way.

Along with Joelle’s ability to coach people, Joelle has been a success assisting in MuttSchool’s group classes. In addition to working for MuttSchool, Joelle has worked as a professional dog walker, fostered dogs, and continues to volunteer at local shelters. She is currently enrolled in Karen Pryor’s Shelter Training course and working towards her CCPDT.


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